Dale Hunter - President

Dale Hunter

Dale Hunter lives at Earthsong Eco Neighbourhood, Ranui, Auckland. Her background is in orchestral music, community development, business management, group facilitation and social ecology. Dale is a life member of the Peace Foundation and has served on Council for 7 years including 4 years as Treasurer. She is looking forward to providing input towards and oversight of a new Peace Foundation strategic plan and to monitoring improved budgeting, financial and management processes.

Dan Ducker

Dan Ducker

As the new father of a six month old, He is passionate about helping to create a fair and equitable world, filled with love and awe; as an environmental champion working in the environmental sector, he is looking for ways in which we can cross pollinate ideas to further our collective aims; as an academician, he is passionate about the development of new forms of governance which better facilitate peace; as a council member, continuing the development of a culture of collaboration within our group.

Roger Monckton

Roger Monckton

Roger Monckton grew up in Hamilton and went to University in Auckland, completing a degree in civil engineering. He worked for several years in a consultancy as a graduate engineer then for major construction companies as a project manager. More recently he has been involved as an investor/director in clean energy technologies, recycling, carbon sequestration and technology to find underground water.
Travelling overseas Rob came to experience the innate unity that can be reached between diverse groups of people - achievable when there is "authentic communication" that sees beyond race, religion, language and culture. Peace can be achieved by living in harmony with oneself, and by living sustainably within our environmental footprint.
Roger has an interest in the arts, having exhibited his bronze sculpture in a number of commercial galleries, and loves to get away from it all by tramping in NZ's great outdoors.

Tricia Reade

Patricia (Tricia) Mary Reade

Brief Bio:

Auckland District Licensing Board –Panel Member 2013 – to present

Waitemata Local Board – elected member 2010-2013

Chairperson - The Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC)2013- present

Chairperson - Friends of Symonds Street Cemetery- 2013- present

Ponsonby Community Centre – Board member 1996- present

Grey Lynn Business Association - Board member 2014- present

My formal career has been in education as a teacher, lecturer and Director from preschool to tertiary in both NZ and the UK.

Statement :

I have been involved in Peace movements all my life and would like to support the work of the Peace Foundation and help it grow further into a strong organization taking a leading role in NZ in a drive to creating a peaceful society and country.

Like thousands of others I do not believe we can find solutions through meeting violence with violence. Now more than ever we need leadership that is committed to finding peaceful solutions to the violence here in NZ and in the world today.

“ Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Albert W Einstein

In NZ and the UK I have often vigorously protested with, and worked for, groups – Greenham Common, Women’s Peace Camp, Amnesty International, NZ Anti - Vietnam war campaign to name just a few, that protested against war and the weapons of violence.

The Peace Foundation’s schools project has been a great success and now we need to build on this.

I truly believe that the Peace Foundation can be a leader for our communities in NZ; drawing attention to finding peaceful solutions, calling to account practices that actually prevent peace both here in NZ and in the world, and demanding action from our politicians for policies to create a peaceful society.

Engaging and collaborating with like-minded organisations, peace projects, education in schools, and running conferences and workshops are all ways to promote the ideas and principles of peace to all New Zealanders.

This is where I see the Peace Foundation role of leadership in the future.