Peaceful Family Communication

Family Programme

The 'Peaceful Family Communication' is a skills-based workshop for adults, including - parents, grandparents, would-be parents, teachers, caregivers, social workers and counsellors - who want to create more peace, love and respect within their family and wider community.

What is it about?

Our fresh, engaging and interactive seminar gives you up-to-date research and practical skills to navigate your ways through conflict. It aims to teach communication skills and to be aware of the different types of conflicts which exist. By analysing the situation, you will choose which skill to use depending on whose problem it is.


Skills and models covered in the introduction course:

  • Problem ownership
  • Ways people can be in rapport
  • Reflective Listening
  • I-Messages vs. YOU-Messages
  • Anger and what’s beneath it
  • Different types of conflicts
  • Stress responses

Additional skills and models configured in the longer course:

  • Tools for creating solutions to meet everyone’s needs
  • Developing skills to get on with others, even while disagreeing with others
  • Developing skills to negotiate with someone who does not care that their behaviour is unacceptable to you
  • How to successfully influence others

Available Workshops

  • Introductory Workshop: 3 hours
  • Half day workshop: 4 - 6 hours
  • Full day workshop by arrangement

Please contact us at

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What people are saying:

"The personal touch the trainer shared help build rapport which made it easier to listen, learn and trust what she was teaching" 

"Very useful, my confidence and self esteem have increased to another level. Trainers both had extensive knowledge to share. I would most definitely recommend this course to others” 

“A great big thank you Elena and Lisa. Continue to empower and influence others to a position of taking ownership of themselves. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course." 

"This course is well presented and it helps in our everyday learning for communication, especially for families, friends and relationships." 

"Thank you, you changed my life."