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Adolescent Volcanoes
Adolescent Volcanoes
 – A book in 2 parts, helping adults and adolescents handle anger  By Éliane Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney Suitable for parents of children aged 12-18.Divided into two sections, one each for adults and adolescents, this book helps identify and deal with anger and abusive behaviour. It includes activities and exercises, teaches skills such as how to develop better communication links and the setting of boundaries and guidelines.

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Happier ParentingHappier Parenting – Happier Children: Why You Parent the Way You Do and How You Could Change It By Éliane Whitehouse Why do we parent the way we do? What influences from our earlier lives do we bring to bear in this all-important job? Based on countless parenting courses run by the author, this book is full of practical, easily understood suggestions, exercises and approaches for parents to enable them to:

  • Better understand their parenting style and what factors influence it
  • Get clearer insights into the needs of their children at various stages
  • Learn to “re-parent” themselves whilst still parenting their children
  • Be positive, effective and happier in this all-important role
  • Raise happier children!

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Little VolcanoesLittle Volcanoes – Young Children’s Anger and Happiness By Éliane Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney Suitable for parents of children aged 0-5. Little Volcanoes is a practical book that helps teach children to handle their anger in a constructive way. It does this by looking at the causes of anger such as hurt, loss and fear. It helps parents and other caregivers to help children under 5 to deal more positively with their angry thoughts and feelings. Little Volcanoes features colourful stories to illustrate anger management skills in an engaging way. A must for all teachers, parents, counsellors and caregivers.

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Learning_Peaceful_RelationshipsLearning Peaceful Relationships Edited by the Peace Foundation and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Suitable for ages 5-12. A popular book featuring a progression of activities for primary aged students, promoting communication, co-operation, respect and a peaceful classroom. This was the book that inspired the founding of the Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme.

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Thanks not SpanksThanks Not Spanks – Practical ways you can make child raising easier and parenting more rewarding  By Mary Cornford Suitable for parents of children aged 0-15 A suggestion-packed guide on how to raise children using positive methods. Teaches skills to deal with anger and stress and provides 50 alternatives to physical punishment for addressing behavioural problems. Great for parents of young families and teachers of younger children.

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volcano manualThe Volcano Manual - A Professional Helper's Guide for Using ' A Volcano In My Tummy' By Warwick Pudney. Suitable for people working with children aged 5-12. Based on the insights and experiences of teachers who have made extensive use of ' A Volcano in My Tummy' (VIMT). This manual is designed to ensure that teachers, counsellor s and other professionals working with angry children can make the optimum use of VIMT.

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The Rapport Based FamilyThe Rapport Based Family By Dr Richard Bolstad This book gives you precise skills for creating the family you were planning to create – 'the Rapport Based Family'. Dr Richard Bolstad, qualified teacher, nurse, psychotherapist, PET Instructor and NLP Trainer, has researched and tested these skills in thousands of successful families around the world. The book has several real life stories from parents like you as inspirations. It sets you a ten day programme to create the family where your children cooperate and respect your opinions, and where you and your partner create a loving relationship. 

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