Auckland City for Peace Youth Awards

The Inaugural Auckland City for Peace Youth Awards which aim to recognise and encourage contributions of young people to peace service and leadership in their community was held on 26 November 2013.

There were two age categories: 13-18 years old, and 19-24 years old.

Winners each received a framed certificate, peace resource kit, and membership of the The Peace Foundation's Youth Peace Ambassador Programme. As Ambassadors they are entitled to free training on conflict resolution and mediation programmes, and are given opportunities to lead and participate in peace activities and events in the region and nationally.

Youth Awards

For age category: 13-18 years old

Karan Banker and Julie Fairey  Winner: Karan Banker for his utmost dedication as a Peer Mediator and Mentor at Mt Roskill Grammar School, and for upholding social justice, respect and fairness for all by leading and supporting peace activities in school and the community.  


Lily Du and Julie FaireyRunner-up: Lily Du for being the catalyst of the Project Twin Streams at Rutherford College which has encouraged other students to volunteer to work together healthy streams and connected communities.


For age category: 19-24 years old

Naima Ali, Ali Ali, Leicester Ismail and Julie Fairey

Winners: Naima Ali, Ali Ali, Leicester Ismail for their excellent leadership in providing inspiration and collaborating with young people of different ethnicities to create a safe place for self-expression through the mural project “A Sense of Place”.


Kimberly Robins and Julie FaireyRunners-up: Kimberly Robins and Isaac Nonu for their passion, courage and commitment to address issues of bullying by sharing their lifestories as cast mambers of the anti-bullying programme iChoose.


Simon Matafai and Julie Fairey Runner-up: Simon Matafai for serving as the national ambassador for New Zealand and Samoa, for promoting peace through concerts with his music abilities and for founding SAFE SCHOOL Leaders’ Programme which continues to bring positive benefits to Avondale College.