Auckland City for Peace Awards

Auckland City for Peace Awards 2014 for Inspiring Leaders
by Toby Foster
New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It is a therefore a particularly prestigious honour to strive for the exalted reputation of ‘a city for peace’; Auckland has done exactly this.
The Peace Foundation in partnership with Auckland Council organised the ‘Auckland City for Peace Awards 2014’. Taking place on the 21st of September, this event sought to thank and recognise those esteemed members of Auckland’s sizeable community who help it achieve its ultimate goal of peace by being moral and principled individuals.
Hosted by engaging MC’s and supported by a plethora of intriguing speakers from Auckland Council and Local Boards, the day proved to be a resounding success. Those unsung heroes of Auckland’s communities who have for so long done what they simply feel is right without want of reward or acknowledgment were honoured and appreciated in a warm and welcoming environment of their peers.
The youth award categories were dominated by community-minded students exhibiting motivational leadership skills and passionate about speaking out against bullying, whilst the adult award category was largely populated by those individuals concerned with community wellbeing while advocating justice and equality.
The student winners of The Peace Foundation’s Arts4Peace contest were able to receive their prizes, and the creative products of their hard work were on display to inspire and encourage everyone present. Heartening youth performances served to uplift the audience, and it was amazing to see the passion that such young people possess when utilising their particularly gifted talents. It is safe to say that everyone left the event that day with a sincere feeling of kinship towards their fellow man, and a refreshing sense of confidence in the integrity of the human spirit.
Congratulations to all the winners of the Peace Awards, and a sincerest thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in helping to genuinely establish Auckland as a City for Peace. Peace is a challenging goal that should ever be strived for, but with people such as yourselves leading the charge, it is a goal that is firmly in sight.

Auckland City for Peace Awards 2014
In partnership with Auckland Council, The Peace Foundation presented Auckland City for Peace Awards. The Awards aim to recognise the contribution of young people and adults to peace service and leadership in their community which was held on 21 September 2014.
There were three categories: Youth 13 – 18 years, Youth 19- 21 years and Adults.
Winners each received framed certificate, peace resource kit and membership of the Youth Peace Ambassador Programme (Youth) and The Peace Foundation (Adults). Finalists each received a framed certificate.

 For Age Category 13 – 18 years
1st Place Winner Diana Qiu

For her outstanding devotion to peace building within her school and wider community; for being an ambassador of social justice, peer mediator and mentor; and for being active and enthusiastic leader in many peace-related events.


2nd Place Winner Sulani Helg 

For her dedication in helping out less-privileged children in her school community by taking part in the Breakfast Club; for being a Reading Mentor; and for leading 40-hour famine team at her school.

3rd Place Winner William Vake
For his passionate and enthusiastic actions towards ‘youth at risk’ by transforming their lives through values education and spiritual guidance.
Special Award Winner The Big Stand

 For their passion and courage to stand up against violence, bullying and peer pressure, and for helping create a safe physical and emotional school environment at Howick College.

Finalist Seve Paeniu

For his commitment and leadership in his school and wider community through co-ordination of many projects, and especially for mentoring young people by tapping into their leadership potential.


Finalist Kalolaine Ikayuka

For caring support to her school and local community including her contribution towards Health Council and Humanitarian Aid Leadership.


Finalist Ery Zhu 

for excellent leadership skills within her school community and involvement with global and community environmental initiatives.



Finalist Amandeep Kaur 

For demonstrating motivational leadership skills in her school community through involvement in various school councils and helping the school and wider community towards more successful lives


Finalist Amanda Ngo 

For her active and enthusiastic engagement and leadership in a range of school and community programmes.


For Age Category 19 – 24 years
1st Place Winner Fatani Paea Manukia

 For being a youth leader promoting fairness, justice and peace through sports; and for volunteering to mentor youth at risk and youth with sports aspirations.

2nd Place Winner Carlos Ulberg
For being a philanthropist making positive changes in the lives of troubled youth through sports; and for being an exceptional role model for youth to overcome poverty and violence.
3rd Place Winner Christina Masae
For her passion and dedication to address social issues affecting youth, and volunteering as warden to keep her community safe.

For Adults Category

Winner Patrick and Helen Doherty 

For their utmost dedication and commitment to community wellbeing, peace building in the environment and neighbourhood, working for thriving families, and being advocates for justice.


Finalist Carol Laidlaw 

For being a dedicated volunteer working tirelessly for the benefit of the elderly and families in crisis; for initiating the Breakfast in Schools programme; and for working to save the Safe House in Hibiscus Coast.


Finalist Cam Calkoen

For being an inspiration to young people and adults by dreaming big to make life awesome by defying challenges.

Finalist Anita Killeen

For her meritorious volunteer services and establishing the Pro-Bono Panel of Prosecutors for SPCA Auckland to support animal welfare.