Participants of our communication workshops tend to report life-changing transformations during and following the workshops. We present here some of the comments that highlight the benefits from these workshops.

Watch the participants' feedback video:

"I am currently an intern with the Peace Foundation, I attended the intro course and Lisa Gibson was an awesome trainer. She was extremely thorough with her training and very responsive to all questions which made the group feel connected. The concepts and explanations were very clear and relevant to real situations. I was able to walk away with skills and solutions to dealing with conflict which also compliments my studies. Highly recommended!"
~ Temaleti Hafoka (May 2017)

"Every now and then life presents to me another piece of my jigsaw. The last one came in the form of Peace foundations course ‘Peaceful Family Communication’. Virin Gomber told me about this wonderful course a few weeks prior to my youngest daughter giving birth to our first grandchild.  I am sad to say my relationship with her had become very disconnected over the years and so I was desperate to remedy the situation."
"From the first session I felt I had been gifted something really special. Yelana, the facilitator provided an informative, fun, safe environment for me to work on what I needed to do to feel part of my daughter’s life once again. The tools I gained allowed me to have a conversation that changed the course of history for our family.  By simply sharing my feelings with my daughter and allowing her to relate her perspective, we both had a new understanding of each other in a win/ win situation. I now have a beautiful baby grandson whose birth I was privileged to be invited to be present at and an amazing relationship with my lovely daughter. It’s as if we have gained back all those years of misunderstanding and now have a healthy way of relating. It is my opinion that this course should be widely advertised as the teachings  would bring much needed harmony into many families lives. I am deeply grateful to this wonderful organization."
~ Maureen (May 2014)

It will change your life and influence how you and your children engage with others in the world/family/peers/school relationships and self.
~ Lois (March 2014)
Awesome course, so practical and you get lots of chance to practice it so you will understand. I guarantee you will get heaps of 'Aha' moments as I did.
~ Rochelle (March 2014) 
Thanks you for making this course 'free', it's made for happier families. This course has empowered me to stand up for myself and in modeling that behaviour - my children will be better equipped in conflict resolution rather that just being angry.
~ Erina (March 2014)  
Regardless of your knowledge/background it will reinforce what you know, you will learn something new, and you will most definitely have fun!
~ Mari (March 2014)  
I would say that this course is something anyone should do, you can use it with your partner, kids, friends, colleagues. We all can learn from it.
~ Monique (March 2014)  
You can’t afford to miss this if you value & love your children and want to give them the best opportunity to succeed in the future.
~ Brent  (March 2014)  
It is a life changing course which benefit all people you communicate with and makes you and all others happier, brings peace.
~ Nathalie  (March 2014)  
We have seen great relationship improvements in our friends who did the course last year, we trust they can see the same in us now. Yelena is an excellent training and we really enjoyed her teaching, very professional.
~ Liesbeth (March 2014)  
It was awesome and inspiring to me to better my skills as a person, parent, teacher, helper.
~ Joshua  (Sept 2013)  
This is a very useful course, even for people who don’t have children. It can be used at work, with friends and family.
~ Margot  (Sept 2013)  
This course has helped me in my relationship with my family, work mates, boss and friends.
~ Jacqui (Sept 2013)