Peace Foundation Partnership School (PFPS)

This is a Cool School who is supporting The Peace Foundation financially by paying an annual sub of $250 (including gst).
Both parties (The School and The Peace Foundation) agree to certain responsibilities in effectively implementing the Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme by signing the PFPS Agreement.
Your PFPS subscription is very much appreciated and is well utilised to ensure the Cool Schools Programme continues to be updated and improved.

In the last school year, the Peace Foundation used PFPS funding to contribute towards :
       1.     Producing our school programmes newsletter, MediationWorks
       2.     Planning and hosting the National Youth Peace Week
       3.     Updating and further developing Cool Schools Programme resources
       4.     Updating our schools database
       5.     Employing a Cool Schools Programme Administrator
       6.     Hosting regional network meetings for Cool Schools teacher coordinators.


Your Partnership School status entitles you to a range of valuable financial and classroom benefits in addition to the core Cool Schools resources. Exclusive PFPS benefits include:
             o   Digital copies of essential Cool Schools resources for effective programme implementation
             o   Priority access to Ministry of Health funding for staff training
             o   Hard copies of our bi-annual peace education programmes newsletter, MediationWorks
             o   Peace Foundation annual membership (valued at $175), including AGM voting rights
             o   Latest edition of the Cool Schools Coordinator’s Kit on USB stick, valued at $35

How to Become a  Peace Foundation Partnership School

You will need to download, fill in the details and sign the following two documents:

1. The PFPS Agreement
2. The PFPS Invitation Letter (which requires the details of the contact person in your school)
Once completed, these need to be scanned and sent to:
Your sub of $250 needs to be paid into The Peace Foundation's online account (details of which are given in the Principal's Letter).
When all three items have been received by The Peace Foundation, the school contact person will be sent a user name and password so that they can login to "Cool Schools - Partnership School" on the website ( and download digital copies of the
essential Cool School resources.