Meet our Facilitators

 Christina Barruel
 Head of Peace Education 

Head of Peace Education, Christina Barruel has trained thousands of student peer mediators and teachers during her 24 year association with Cool Schools both as a School Programme Coordinator and in her present position as Head of Peace Education for The Peace Foundation. In this role she leads a team of 10 other programme facilitators who work in schools throughout New Zealand empowering students and staff with life-long conflict management skills for both personal and professional use. Christina has also introduced the programme to schools in Fiji, Hong Kong, Iceland, Los Angeles and Japan. Christina comes from a primary teaching background. She has had over 25 years teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools. Her contribution to The Peace Foundation has been invaluable. She has worked at developing world-class peaceful conflict resolution and peer mediation programmes for schools. During 2013, Christina was recognized for her contribution to peace education in New Zealand and was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. This enabled her to spend time with an organization in Seattle, Washington State, USA, who also provide successful peer mediation programmes for schools nationwide. “This amazing experience equipped me with lots of ideas and strategies. These have really helped to enhance our own Cool Schools and Leadership through Peer Mediation (LtPM) programmes for New Zealand schools.” During 2018, Christina developed and facilitated a four week practical conflict resolution module for a Level 4 paper at AUT. Components of this module were also taught to Japanese students over two days at Hirosaki University in northern Japan. Christina continues to remain passionate about her work. She considers it a privilege to work in education institutions teaching peaceful conflict resolution and peer mediation skills ... what she loves most. Furthermore, she says, "I have the opportunity every day to remind myself... I must practise what I preach!" Christina enjoys cycling, running, dancing and yoga to keep in good shape. Her regular social activities with family and friends always bring great joy and happiness.  


Regions: Auckland, Northland, Coromandel, and Taupo
Phone: 027 272 9331


 Lisa Gibson
 Family Programme Coordinator and Facilitator + School Programmes Facilitator 

Lisa Gibson
Lisa is a qualified teacher, devoted mother of two teenagers, coordinator and trainer of the Peaceful Family Communication Programme. Born in Samoa, Lisa grew up in NZ in a blended, cross-cultural family.
For the last decade Lisa has helped hundreds of families discover more about themselves and develop stronger connections with others through facilitating a variety of educational programmes through The Peace Foundation. She is also a practiced life coach with qualifications in positive psychology and neuroscience. After training as a teacher in New Zealand she felt drawn to live and teach in Europe to broaden her experience and stayed for six years.
Lisa is inspired to make a difference by sharing her experiences and knowledge particularly with families and youth. She wants to create a safer world for young people and help families to create life long bonds. She feels inspired and honoured to work with like-minded people at the Peace Foundation in their collective desire to create a more peaceful world.
In her freetime she loves being around family and friends and also enjoys going for walks, swimming and being in nature.


Regions: Auckland
Phone: 021 464 910


 Tracy Scott

Tracy Scott
Tracy started her journey in mediation and conflict resolution journey over 20 years ago when she started her Masters in Conflict Resolution, Community Change and Civic Leadership from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She worked for 6 years in the United States as a Virginia Supreme Court certified General, Family, Circuit Court Family, Mediator, Mentor and Trainer. During that time Tracy conducted hundreds of hours of mediations as a Court Certified Mediator and trainings in her role as the Training Coordinator for the Community Mediation Centre, the only not-for-profit mediation centre and leading mediation trainer in South Eastern Virginia. Tracy presented mediation focused trainings at the Virginia Mediation Network Spring Conference, North Carolina Mediation Network Conference and the National Conference on Community Peace-making. Tracy also participated in many professional development trainings at both state and national levels. During her time in America, Tracy started her passion working with youth when she lead an 8 week training programme for 14 -16 year olds, a court ordered Diversion Programme in Norfolk, Virginia, ran parenting classes for young men in the Chesapeake Juvenile Correction Services and ran Norfolk Housing Authority inner city leadership programme trainings and a youth training programme on Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Diversity.
When Tracy returned to New Zealand to raise her daughter 14 years ago (who is now a Year 12 Student at Burnside High School), Tracy started Christchurch Mediation Services (New Zealand's longest running Community Mediation Service) and her own Training and Mediation Company, Resolve Consultancy, where she provides a number of services as a Mediator, Trainer, Conflict Coach and Conflict Consultant. Her passion and commitment to working with youth has grown over the past 14 years. She is in her 13th year of working in the South Island for the Peace Foundation, delivering the Cool Schools and LtPM trainings as well as having developed a youth resiliency program called Voice to Voice that is in its 4 year.
Tracy loves to work in a field and an industry where she believes she can impact societal change by increasing the capacity of youth to manage life's challenges and conflicts to enhance change and minimise escalation.


Regions: Canterbury, Otago, Southland, Marlborough
Phone: 021 055 9575


 Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards
Andrea’s involvement with the Peace Foundation began in April 2018 through volunteering first in the office and then to help with the trainings. As of 2019, Andrea is one of The Peace Foundation’s facilitators for the Auckland region. She believes that there is a need to teach conflict resolution skills not just in schools but in all aspects of our lives and she is glad to have the opportunity to work with the Peace Foundation.
Andrea was born in the United States and spent most of her life there until she moved the New Zealand in 2013. From an early age, Andrea’s first exposure to mediation and conflict resolution was through her mother, who facilitated mediation training in schools across the country. Andrea’s mother even facilitated Andrea’s training as a mediator during her time in primary and secondary school. Andrea often jokes that she and her sister were her mother’s ‘assistants’ as they would often help their mother prepare for her workshops and even had the opportunity to attend a few.
While Andrea held an interest in conflict resolution, academically, Andrea's interest was in environmental science. First, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Spelman College. However, Andrea found that while she was still interested in environmental science, she was more interested in the social justice aspect of it. Andrea wanted to understand the conflict between communities over resources and the unequal distribution of environmental hazards. So much so, that she completed a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management from American Public University, where her thesis focused on environmental justice in Atlanta, Georgia.
In July 2013, Andrea moved to New Zealand to pursue her doctorate in environmental science. The focus of her thesis is on understanding the influencing factors on the relationship between a community and energy company. Andrea recognizes the presence of conflict in that relationship and the influence of both historical and political factors. After completing her thesis, Andrea hopes to use the skills that she has learned in conflict resolution to help communities, government agencies, and companies to solve disputes over the environment.
When she is not working with the foundation or on her thesis, Andrea enjoys singing with the local choir, writing, boxing, and catching up with family and friends.


Regions: Auckland
Phone: 022 364 0354


 Alathea (Aly) MacSweeney

Alathea (Aly) MacSweeney
Aly has been working in mediation and dispute resolution for over 15 years, directly and indirectly. She is passionate about the benefits of understanding and learning about conflict resolution. Using dispute resolution skills make an enormous difference in our everyday life - at work, school, home and in our community.
She was born in Zambia to New Zealand parents who were working as teachers and trying to make a difference in the world in their own way. She then lived in Rome (discovering pizza!) and then London (discovering cold winters!) before moving to Auckland as a teenager and finally getting to settle down. She studied law in Auckland and after qualifying returned to the UK. She worked as a family lawyer but eventually became disillusioned with the anger, sadness and the acrimonious attitude of clients and the other lawyers. There had to be a better way!
Aly had always been interested in the use of alternative means of resolving disputes and eventually found work as a dispute resolution adviser with CEDR, an organisation in London supporting the use of mediation to resolve disputes in many areas of life. This gave her the opportunity to learn much more about mediation and she volunteered with community mediation services working on neighbourhood dispute and worked for some time in a role mediating workplace disputes.
Since returning to live in NZ with her partner and children in 2012, Aly has been involved with the Citizens Advice Bureau, first as a manager of the CAB branch in Onehunga and now as a training facilitator for the wonderful volunteers who give their time to the CAB. Also very early on, Aly made contact with The Peace Foundation as she was excited to find an organisation that taught dispute resolution skills to school students of all ages. She started out volunteering to help with the training and since the start of 2019 has come on board with The Peace Foundation as one of the national facilitators. She is totally stoked to be working with the awesome team here.
Aly adores being a Mum and spending time with her family. She enjoys walking, kayaking, cycling and swimming. She is very excited about getting the opportunity to work with schools and The Peace Foundation to spread peace and aroha - so needed in our world today.


Regions: Auckland
Phone: 021 634 192


 Hilary Unwin

Hilary UnwinHilary has been working in mediation and dispute resolution for over 12 years. She is currently working as a mediator and practice leader for the Human Rights Commission. She is believes understanding and learning about conflict resolution contributes to the realisation of peace at work, school, home and in our community.
She was born in Timaru, to pākehā parents who believed in social justice and using our privileges for the betterment of society. She initially commenced a law degree at Otago University but dropped it as it didn't fit her idealised view of justice. She then completed a Diploma in Parks and Recreation at Lincoln College, but returned to law having discovered that working in National Parks didn't fit her idealised view of being at one with nature either... She started out as a family lawyer but ultimately realised she preferred resolving disputes to the actual practice of keeping people in conflict. She then completed a graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution at La Trobe University in Melbourne.
Hilary lives and works in Wellington with her partner and 2 children. She has an abiding interest in mental health and peace studies and working with the Peace Foundation feels like a natural fit.
Hilary loves going on adventures with her family. They recently spent 3 months living and working on a ski resort in a Japanese village. She enjoys anything that involves spending time in nature, and getting together with friends and family, also meditation, skiing, yoga, tramping, dancing, painting and writing.


Regions: Wellington, Manuwatu, Wairarapa, Whanganui and Taranaki regions
Phone: 027 247 6581
Email :


 Katherine Matthews

Katherine MatthewsKatherine has worked with The Peace Foundation for 3.5 years and has been co-facilitating LtPM secondary training's for two years. Katherine comes from a TESOL teaching background where she has over 8 years experience teaching in Japan and New Zealand. She is trained in NVC (compassionate communication) and facilitation, skills she uses when facilitating LtPM.
Katherine runs after school youth communication groups where she is passionate about expanding youths emotional literacy and communication skills. "I believe that communication is part of good health and getting to know how to communicate effectively is vital to create connection in our relationships and with ourselves".
Katherine enjoys paddle boarding and hiking New Zealand trails as a way to relax and have fun.


Regions: Auckland
Phone: 027 338 0503
Email :


 Jan Zuckerman

Jan ZuckermanJan is a qualified teacher and has been involved in both primary and secondary schools for 40 years on the West Coast of the South Island. She worked at Westland High School for 33 years and recently retired, both as a classroom teacher and Guidance Counsellor. Jan became involved with the Peace Foundation when she was teaching peer support, mediation skills and empowering leadership skills to high school students in 1997. It was a unique opportunity to be involved with the Peace Foundation on a secondary level, where soon a programme was designed and delivered to high schools. She is delighted to once again support the Peace Foundation here on the West Coast working with both primary and secondary schools. It is an opportunity to share her experiences and knowledge. Jan believes it is a privilege to work along side the Peace Foundation.
The West Coast has many opportunities. Jan and her husband live on three acres near the Hokitika Gorge. Spending time with family and grandchildren in Canterbury and overseas, is a priority. She also enjoys time in the garden, spinning, knitting, tramping and cycling.


Regions: West Coast of the South Island
Phone: 027 755 7800


 Lizzy Glynn-Harder

Lizzy Glynn-HarderLizzy Glynn-Harder has twenty years' experience in Secondary Schools teaching Te Reo Māori, Social Studies and English. For the last thirteen years she and her Swiss husband have also enjoyed the challenges of being parents; currently to two primary school aged daughters, a teenage surfer and a puppy. Lizzy's whanau are based in Raglan, a proud multi-cultural and environmentally focused, community with a strong bi-cultural heritage.
More recently, she has followed her interest in mindfulness meditation and Hauora into Mental Health Education. From 2013-2017 Lizzy completed a post-graduate diploma in Education at Canterbury University as well as training in the FRIENDS programme, Mindful Schools and Pause Breathe Smile, New Zealand's only curriculum linked mindfulness course.
Lizzy also works in Raglan as a researcher and kaitautoko for Te Mauri Tau, a kaupapa Māori, Community and Environmental Education organisation which links closely with Enviro-Schools and Kura Kaupapa Māori around Aotearoa.
When not working, Lizzy enjoys spending time with her friends, whanau and dog; walking, swimming and kayaking in Raglan; reading, relaxing and getting away to The East Cape.


Regions: Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua
Phone: 027 462 6673


 Shireen Drew (MA)
 Resolution Institute Fellow

Shireen DrewShireen has recently moved to Nelson from Auckland and is continuing her work as an employment mediator and facilitator for The Peace Foundation working with the Cool Schools programme for primary schools and the Leadership through Peer Mediation (LtPM) programme for secondary schools. Her experience spans over 25 years in the field of conflict resolution and peace education both in New Zealand and overseas with a strong commitment to equipping young people with the life skills that the school programmes offer. Her focus on engagement and building rapport with the students derives from her previous career in the acting profession and the sessions combine experimental learning with enjoyment of acquiring new skills which are of practical use for the students future.
Shireen looks forward to facilitating the Cool Schools and LtPM Programmes in her region. Do call her with any queries or to discuss the programme suitable for your school.


Regions: Tasman Bay/Nelson
Phone: 021 075 9789


 Barry van Heerden

Shireen DrewBarry has worked for Restorative Justice for the past five years, initially as the court representative in Hawke’s Bay and in the last 3 years as a facilitator. He comes from a background in teaching where he gained over 30 years experience teaching in primary schools in South Africa and in New Zealand. He was also at various times a school principal at several different schools during his teaching career with the last six years spent teaching at a rural school in Central Hawke’s Bay.
Whilst an experienced and dedicated teacher who enjoyed teaching children of all ages he also devoted much of his spare time to coaching cricket and rugby in the schools where he taught.
Barry is passionate about helping adults and children through the process of restorative justice believing that it heals the harm between two parties whilst enabling them to learn from the experience and enabling them to move forward in a positive frame of mind.
Barry believes that Restorative Justice is a relational way of responding to wrongdoing or harmful episodes, whereby those with a personal stake in the harm come together, in a safe and respectful environment, to speak truthfully about what happened and its impact on their lives, to clarify accountability for the damage that has occurred, and to resolve together how best to promote repair and bring about positive changes for all involved.
He believes passionately in the value of restorative justice being a healing process and sees this reflected in the Cool Schools and LtPM Programmes.
Barry enjoys refereeing rugby, coaching young referees, cycling, walking and reading as leisure pursuits.
He looks forward to facilitating the Cool Schools and LtPM programmes in his region.


Regions: Hawkes Bay, East Cape
Phone: 021 065 6917